Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Son & Our Puppy

This is when we adopted him:

And how big he is now at 4 months old:
They love each other so much.

Our Puppy is 4 months old

He is growing so fast, about 2lb per week. Everyone at the Vet's office love him and take great care of him. He just got his last puppy shots.

Puppy is all better now and going home!!!

After 3 days at the Vet, our Puppy is coming home. Thanks to all the prayers and messages. We really appreciate it.

Puppy got really sick

We were devastated when 3 days after we adopted our Puppy, he got really sick. This is our first dog, and the kids were in love. We just left him in the Vet overnight. Let's pray for him.

New Puppy

My daughter has been asking me forever for a dog and I finally cave in. I was never a dog person, and she used to have a cat but we've been looking into adopting  or fostering a pet until we saw this handsome black lab mix with blue eyes and fell in love.
We drove 1 hour away to adopt him and we couldn't be any happier. Our family is now complete and my kids are also in love. He was 9 weeks when we adopted him.
Here is my son playing with our puppy and his sister. My daughter is in heaven. :-))))
Here is our handsome boy. Isn't he adorable???

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Super Chic Boutique is BACK

After such a long time, my website is back online. Click here!      

Check it out and let me know what do you think?!?



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