Monday, February 24, 2014

I Miss Florida

This used to be our backyard:

Can you see my dog in this picture? :-) He is so happy off leash.
 He loves the water.

I miss this place a few minutes from the house:

And this one too:
But most of all I miss my dear friend Polyana and all the other friends I left behind. 

Dog Park

Before we moved to Houma, LA, one of the first things I did, after finding a good school and a place for us to live, was trying to find a Dog Park to take our dog. I was amazed to find out there is NONE in town. I need to let my dog run off leash for a while, because he needs exercise and he is used to do that.

I've been driving all over town trying to find a piece of land where I can let him loose. But I could not find anything! All the parks have playground next to it, and he loves kids, so it will be a disaster to do that. He is too big and heavy and if he jumps, he can scratch a child by accident. he is still a puppy and he loves playing but he is 55lb.

After 2 months searching for it, we finally was able to find out that the next town just finished building their new dog park and we went there this past Saturday. It was a 35 minute drive to Thibodaux but our dog had a blast.

I was happy to find this Dog Park but I wish there was one in town. My dog doesn't like to be in the car for 35 minutes... but better then have to drive to New Orleans which is 1 hour. ;-)

We've Moved to the Swamp (LOL)

When my husband was offered a promotion I was so excited for him. But that meant having to move the family from Florida to Louisiana. It also meant having my husband home, instead of traveling ALL THE TIME.
It's been 2 months and I am learning that south Louisiana is so DIFFERENT then Florida.

What I have learned so far:
1-Most people here have better manners then in Florida, maybe because central Florida is a fast paced city and people don't have time to "smell the roses" anymore...
2- Everything in Louisiana takes longer: if you need a haircut, you need to call the hairstylist and wait a few days until she feels like returning your call. Then 3 days later, she calls you back to schedule for the following week, because she is booked this week, LOL
3- Doctors appointments are even worse. Your appointment is at 3:20PM, you get there on time, first there are no seat available, because there are also 30 other people waiting to be seen. Then when is 4:10PM and you ask the front desk if is normal that is taking almost an hour and her reply: "well your appt was at 3:30PM so is not 1 hour yet". LOL
4- If I thought that Customer Service was dead in this Country, I don't know how should I call it here. Because I asked for a spoon at the Olive Garden and the waitress said: "there is no clean spoons sorry." when the restaurant is not even half occupied. How does she expect my toddler to drink his soup? With a fork?!?!??!!? Seriously?

Now, I wanted to say that we are enjoying living in a small town.

Things like that that if someone else was telling me I would think they are joking or something, but they are all true.

My mission this year is:
1) Find a good Pediatrician - tried 2 and I will keep looking
2) Find a good dentist and orthodontist 
3) Find a good hair stylist

The Ordeal with Pediatricians so far: 

I already went to 2 Pediatricians. To make the story short, the first one didn't have light in the bathroom and they wanted my son to give them urine sample. In the dark, really? It was "spooky" so I had to drive all the way home, get the sample, and bring it back to the office. When they called me with the results, I asked: "what tests were performed?". the response was: "sugar and stuff like that". Then I asked again: "what exactly". She didn't know for sure, I asked to be transferred to someone else that knew, they did, but she wasn't very clear. Anyways, we really liked the Doctor but the office and her staff sucked, so we will keep looking. 
The second Pediatrician was inside the Hospital, big building, horrible to find parking. The waiting room is so big that they call you in the microphone. "So and so to the door". WHich door? There are like 10 doors... And then I didn't like the Doctor. They  tested my son, it wasn't strep throat, so it was a virus, and he wanted to prescribe him something. Really? For a virus? Is not gonna cure him, so what's the point of drugging my son? 

2) We are only due in April for our cleaning so I can't go to any Dentists yet. But I just took my teenage daughter to get an evaluation with the only Orthodontist in town, and I can tell you right now: WE ARE NOT GOING BACK! First we get there on time, and there are a few other patients standing up because the 30 chairs are all taken. When I did my research it was 2 dentists (male), full of awards, and etc. Then when we arrive, it said in the wall: The doctor today is___ (fermale). Anyways, we waited, patiently for 1 hour. When they finally called us and the dentist came in, I felt like I was in a dealership to buy a new car. I didn't trust half of the things the "Dentist" told me, then the nurse said she would come back with numbers, then a second person came over to give me the price and if I sign up today, I would get a $50 off. I almost laughed in her face! LOL
I am FOR SURE getting a second opinion!!! 
I thought it was kinda fishy that they advertise as Dr Such and Dr So, and then when you go to your appointment is a new dentist, that looks younger then me, that probably graduated a couple of years ago. No way! 
I REALLY MISS Dr. James Kendrick and Dr. Michael Di Mauro. :-( 

3) I've been taking my son to get a haircut with my amazing hair stylist named Cindy (Art of Hair)  for the past 2 years. She is amazing, like I said, and my never had a problem before. I don't like using a trimmer and she knows it. And then the first week we were here my son needed a haircut. I never thought I would have a problem finding a place to get his hair done, but I was soooo wrong!!!! 
The first place I took him, a cute barber shop, the lady did a great job cutting my husbands hair so I was relaxed. I told her how I wanted and I said "do NOT use the trimmer". Apparently NO in Louisiana doesn't mean NO. At the end, she grabbed the trimmer, I looked at my husband waiting him to say something because maybe she didn't understand what I said. I just left the place or I would punch her! I think is very disrespectful if a mother tells you, DO NOT do this to my son and you do it anyways. WTH?!?!? 
Then I took my son to the salon at the mall, after another mother told me this guy does a great job at her kids hair. I was all excited again, finally! Yay! Big mistake. After I told him my previous bad experience, and asking him if he could cut with scissors only, he said yes, then at the end, the same non sense, TRIMMER! WTH! I could not believe it!
Then 3rd time is a charm, I was able to find this sweet hair stylist, I was all excited, she only used scissors but after I washed his hair, the haircut was terrible. One side was longer then the other and around the ears was all crooked. Argh!
And the problem is that I have to call the hair stylist in most places and schedule directly with them, it takes a few days for them to return the call, so is very frustrating!!! 
I miss Cindy from the Art of Hair so much!!!! I am dying to find someone as good as her here. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Son & Our Puppy

This is when we adopted him:

And how big he is now at 4 months old:
They love each other so much.

Our Puppy is 4 months old

He is growing so fast, about 2lb per week. Everyone at the Vet's office love him and take great care of him. He just got his last puppy shots.

Puppy is all better now and going home!!!

After 3 days at the Vet, our Puppy is coming home. Thanks to all the prayers and messages. We really appreciate it.

Puppy got really sick

We were devastated when 3 days after we adopted our Puppy, he got really sick. This is our first dog, and the kids were in love. We just left him in the Vet overnight. Let's pray for him.


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