Monday, February 24, 2014

Dog Park

Before we moved to Houma, LA, one of the first things I did, after finding a good school and a place for us to live, was trying to find a Dog Park to take our dog. I was amazed to find out there is NONE in town. I need to let my dog run off leash for a while, because he needs exercise and he is used to do that.

I've been driving all over town trying to find a piece of land where I can let him loose. But I could not find anything! All the parks have playground next to it, and he loves kids, so it will be a disaster to do that. He is too big and heavy and if he jumps, he can scratch a child by accident. he is still a puppy and he loves playing but he is 55lb.

After 2 months searching for it, we finally was able to find out that the next town just finished building their new dog park and we went there this past Saturday. It was a 35 minute drive to Thibodaux but our dog had a blast.

I was happy to find this Dog Park but I wish there was one in town. My dog doesn't like to be in the car for 35 minutes... but better then have to drive to New Orleans which is 1 hour. ;-)

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