Friday, April 2, 2010

Moving and Cleaning and a lot more...

After all the packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning... I am so excited to be in my new place BUT I've been having SERIOUS issues with my phone and DSL company.
Guess who??? AT&T!!!
I not only need to update my address everywhere but now I need to update my email address as well!!! I REALLY didn't need that!!! :-(

Everyone that have tried emailing me for the past 2 weeks, was not able to because AT&T instead of MOVING my service, they canceled my service!!! I had 2 custom orders that I had to do from my iPhone between 'convos' because I couldn't access my emails!!!

I have spent the last 4 DAYS calling AT&T to figure it out WHY my Internet was not working, and got mixed information, because they are so messed up!!!
1st person told me: if you take your modem, and connect exactly the same, you should be fine.
2nd customer service rep said - "I am sorry, your account it currently inactive but I have connected and you should have service by 6:00PM"
At 6:30PM I called back and a 3rd rep told me that the account was inactive and he was creating a new work order and I should get my service in 24 hours tops!
2 days later and I have no service!
I called today and after asking for the supervisor, he said I needed to RE-REGISTER MY ACCOUNT and then after spending 35 minutes on the phone with the supervisor, he told me the DSL signal was weak and he needed to send a technician!
NO WAY! I canceled my service, which took another 15 minutes on hold to get to the right person and now I have cable instead of DSL!

AT&T is too big and their customer service is HORRIBLE!

I hope everyone else is having a great week, HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY to all of you!!!

Hope you all have an amazing EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ditto on the AT & T service, they are no help at all.

  2. Good Luck with your new place :)

  3. Rose - you got that right!!! I am so glad I don't have Internet with them anymore!!!

    wish - thank you!!!



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