Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Husband

It's been a while I don't come here and so much have happened. Including my husband's birthday a few days ago. I LOVE baking chocolate cake and he's been asking me to make a fondant cake for him since his last birthday and this year I decided to make his wish come true, LOL.
It was not easy!!! I did a MMF recipe and that thing is so hard to work with. I was hoping he wanted a white cake, but he said: BLUE!!! :-(
I was so tired, because I not only baked a cake, made fondant from scratch and also tapioca pudding, and cleaned the house for a dinner with friends.
Anyways, here is a picture of the cake ;-)
My husband said he won't ever ask me to make fondant cake again, too much work, but it was delicious!!! ;-)

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