Monday, October 4, 2010

New Treasury by Lolailo

'The color of the sky yesterday' by Lolailo

We had a bit of rain yesterday, and the sky had the color of lead most of the day. It truly felt like fall.

Grey Pearl and Indian Sapphi...

18x18 Cushion /Montmartre/

Lone tree in winter glass ti...

Ruffled Top with Long or Sho...

Wide Adjustable Headband Bla...

fused glass crocheted Neckla...

F is for Fly Baby T Shirt

Simply Elegant Ribbon Clutch

Black White Shabby Chic Bab...

Vintage Scarf and Tie Headbo...

pen drawing original

Tall House Black and White

happy heart silver medallion...

seat belt handbag mini tote ...

Welcome to City Town - Recyc...


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  1. Pretty stuff! Makes me want to do a little shopping...ha! :)


  2. Yes, Lolailo did a great job!!!! Thanks for stopping by Kim ;-)

  3. These greys are so beautiful. I've been wanting a seatbelt bag for the longest.



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